Palm Sugar

Palm sugar– the natural alternative for sweets. A lot of people that have problems with their weight or they are simply frustrated about the way they look, tend to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to nutrition. One of them is using artificial sweetners. In a way to be healthy and pleased about our  life and the way we look, we have to be careful at what we are using in the kitchen for preparing meals. If we want to prepare something sweet for our family we should consider the best alternative in sweetners, the palm sugar. Beside shelter, food, oil, paper, the palm tree can offer us something very valuable, and that is, the sugar extracted from it. Palm sugar, also named “jaggery”, was originally made from the sap of the Palmyra palm, from India, by making several slits into the stem of the palm tree and collecting the sap. Nowadays, palm sugar is made from a great variety of palm trees, including the sago palm, arenga pinnata and coconut palm. However, the most valuable remains the sugar extracted from palmyra and the date palm. Palm sugar can be used at baking, cooking, as sweetner for drinks and sauces and also it has a medicinal use. This sugar guarantees you a 100 % natural, gluten- free sweetner for your sweets and desserts. It is mainly used throughout Southeast Asia , its color varies from light golden to dark brown and it has a special caramel- like  taste, different from other types of sweetners. The palm sugar offers a natural alternative either you are baking cookies or want to have a special cup of coffee. Being minimally processed, you can make sure that, whenever you need to use it in the kitchen, the result will be something tasty and natural. It has a lots of micronutrients and a very low glycemic index. It also contains a valuable substance for the human body, riboflavin. Even when compared to brown sugar, a very well known type of sweetner, the palm sugar has significant bigger amounts of vitamins and minerals, making it one of the most healthy sugars. In Thailand for example it is not only used for cookies but for Thai curries and sauces, the palm sugar giving them that final touch of flavor. As in medical use, palm sugar has a big therapeutic value comparing to other sweetners that have less use as a medicine and sometime can even harm the health of a human being. It is used to accelerate the growth of children, for strong teeth, to decrease pancreas heat and many more. His medical use tends to be the same as the honey use. Therefore, even for a new born child, this sugar means an important source of vitamins and minerals. This Palm sugar has been appreciated around the world by many and it should be used by each one of us if we care about what we eat and if we want to have a healthy lifestyle.


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